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Pay-it-Forward Inc.'s mission is to provide community-based solutions for military families where education and support is lacking.

In an effort to remain unbiased in privatized business affairs, our government has also left our military members without the resources, knowledge and support they need to build and plan for their future, both within the military and beyond.

Pay-it-Forward programs provide high level service and support in areas of housing, finance, job training and entrepreneurship, creating solutions for our community by our community.

Pay-it-Forward Inc. Family

PCSing can be an isolating experience for service members and their families. Our PCS Pay-it-Forward® communities foster a sense of connection and inclusiveness to all incoming service members.

Each base is serviced by a fully-vetted Military Spouse or Veteran Real Estate Professional that undergoes intensive training to support incoming families.

Pay-it-Forward Credit Repair is committed to increasing the financial literacy and stability of our military community. Our goal is to reduce the number of military members who are falling victim to increased interest rates by providing education and personal accountability counselors.

Our program is run exclusively by trained military spouse credit repair coaches providing a PCS-proof income opportunity. 

Veteran Pay-it-Forward is committed to empowering transitioning military members into civilian life through increased access to resources and support.

Our 30-day virtual training course gives a veteran tools and support needed to successfully navigate our modern job market.

When considering purchasing a home, education is key. Our comprehensive homebuying education programs teach aspiring homeowners everything they need to know to be successful it today's modern real estate market.

We partner with top agents to bring this education program to their local markets.

Pay-it-Forward Leadership Forum hosts events for individuals aspiring to grow in every aspect of leadership.

Learn time-tested strategies to grow as an expert leader in your business, industry and community. 

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Our Executive Team

Pierre Cook

8 Year Air Force Veteran

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Lauren Taylor

Former Active Military Spouse

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"One of my goals to join PCS Pay-It-Forward for Fort Belvoir besides Paying it Forward for veterans is to accelerate my goal of giving back over $One Million Dollars to military members and veterans I serve. I love supporting veterans and encouraging them to begin accumulating wealth by purchasing their first home when they can"

Larry A.

"I have used this platform to help provide education on the rental and purchase process, as well as help match members that are inbound with outbound members looking to either rent their property or help their landlord find another military family to replace them."

Tasha G

"In 2018 we helped three military families purchase homes in Las Vegas completely sight unseen!We were completely humbled and honored that these families trusted us to be their boots on the ground, and that they trusted someone they hadn’t met in person yet to guide them through such a big purchase."

Kim J.

"Becoming an ambassador has been amazingly rewarding. After seeing firsthand how little information is pushed to our Military Families on how to have a successful PCS move, I feel it is my mission to go door to door to help them. PCS Pay It Forward gives me a platform to reach a much larger audience."

Travis W.

"Hawaii is one of the more stressful duty stations for military to PCS to, from pets having to be quarantined, being overseas, the higher cost of living, and the difficulty in finding housing… Ever since becoming Ambassadors we have helpe"

Chad V.
Valerie & Chad V.

"As a military spouse, finding my place in the career space has always been hard. When I found real estate, I found my home! Serving our military community was a natural place for me and the PCS Pay-it-Forward initiative is the perfect place for me to massively affect positive change in the lives of hundreds!"

Jacqui L.

"A member of my PCS Pay-it-Forward group PCSing from Hawaii contacted me via FB Messenger to ask if I could show them a rental in Summerville. It took 2 weeks and about 20 homes, but we found them a new build home in the same neighborhood where her sister lives in their budget, in a..."

Tina H.

"Being an ambassador has given me the gift of providing hope to military families. My initial connection with each one is met with a tone of anxiousness. With most not knowing if housing that will meet their personal needs for their families and pets even exists, and the fear of being stuck in interim housing"

Ashley C.


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